How to limit API calls when using the Developer Console?

In a Winter ’14 Developer Edition and Spring ’14 Pre-release I have noticed that using the Developer Console uses API calls. It looks like this affects third party tools like MavensMate as well. The limit for a Developer Edition is 5,000 / 24 hours and I’ve used about 125 in a 20 minute period. This is without running unit tests. Running unit tests burns through the API calls even quicker.

Add in another developer, code that uses the API, and frequent unit test execution and the limit can be hit without much effort.

Is there any configuration that I can make to not use as many API calls with the Developer Console? Perhaps, some features that I can disable?

It’s possible that it is related to this Idea about the Tooling API and limits.


You can reduce your API usage by allowing your developer console session to “idle”. Once idle, you’ll only incur one API call per incident (such as saving a class, running a test). While not idle, the current implementation polls the server once every 6 seconds, or 10 API calls per minute while doing absolutely nothing.

Also, using the IDE will drastically reduce your API calls, because you won’t suffer from the “monitoring” API calls. Believe it, it makes a big difference.

For those interested, I asked this myself on the Salesforce Community:

@Josh Kaplan (, in addition to the code coverage
glitches in the API, your comment about
retiring the setup pages in exchange for the Developer Console is
worrisome. Today, using the console consumes one API call per six
seconds per developer
. Given that a normal developer org has 5,000
calls per day, this means that two developers working in the same
organization (the maximum a normal developer edition supports) can
only work for 4 hours a day actively in that organization before
exhausting their daily usage limits. If we are required to use the
console, we will be limited to working just a few hours a day inside
the platform. Is there any plan to have the console no longer use API

Josh Kaplan (SFDC PM) had this to say:

Starting with the coming release the number of API calls will
dramatically decline. Results will be streamed, so polling will not
consume so many API calls.

Presumably this applies to Spring ’14.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Knolle , Answer Author : sfdcfox

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