How to make lightning:progressIndicator read only?

We have a data entry form and we are using lightning:progressIndicator as a way to show their progress. However, we don’t want the user to click-ahead nor do we want them to click back on the progress indicator.

Is there a way to make the lightning:progressIndicator ready only, so that the component doesn’t interact with any user input?

There’s nothing in the documentation to support this, and I tried disabled="true" as well as readonly="true" but those did not do the trick.


Please Move your lightning:progressIndicator inside div tag as below,

<div class="slds-readonly-path">

    <lightning:progressIndicator aura:id="progress"
          currentStep="{!v.Stage}" type="path"/> 


    pointer-events: none;

Source : Link , Question Author : Swisher Sweet , Answer Author : Bloke

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