How to make Mavensmate compile files as fast as Eclipse IDE v31

I’m a long time Eclipse and IDE user. I recently switched the the v31 (open source re-write) Eclipse plugin and discovered that the save times for Apex and Visualforce are drastically faster.

In v30 it took approx 10secs (in Sydney) to save a class. With v31 it’s down to less than 2secs.

I’m also starting to use Mavensmate and I’d love to see similar save performance there. I know that you can change the settings in Mavensmate but I don’t know which combination makes it use the same API’s as the new Eclipse plugin.

Does anybody know which settings and API’s should be used to get the best save/compile performance in Mavensmate? Sublime is a great editor but it would be even better if it could compete on save speed.



My whole team except one rebel (lets call him Luis) switched from Eclipse to MavensMate some time ago. Mocking Luis and his 10+ second save times were a regular feature of our day…we enjoyed much faster save times, especially if this setting is set in any of Project, User or Default settings (MavensMate->Settings):

"mm_compile_with_tooling_api" : true

I don’t know for sure, but I would think that Eclipse is using the Tooling API over the metadata API so this setting should make it the same.

PS. After upgrading to the latest version of Eclipse IDE, Luis is now enjoying much faster save times…on the face of it (i.e. watching Luis demonstrate/gloat), it does appear very responsive.

Source : Link , Question Author : Steve Buikhuizen , Answer Author : Phil Hawthorn

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