How to perform upsert in Salesforce Bulk API

I have created a class with which I can insert, update and delete records from Salesforce using their bulk API. I have searched the web and have come across various resources; but I cannot seem to understand how to perform an upsert.

For instance, I can perform an update with the following via HTTP POST to the API:


<jobInfo xmlns="">


"003i000000EpehQ","Tomas","Jones","Marketing","1940-06-07Z","Self-described as "
"the top"" branding guru on the West Coast"
"003i000000EpYI7","Ian","Dury","R&D","","World-renowned expert in fuzzy logic de
sign. Influential in technology purchases."

However, there is no such example in their documentation for an upsert. How can I perform an upsert with my sample data?



The following code is generated when I try to do an upsert:

<jobInfo xmlns="">

When submitting the job, I get The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

Everything works perfectly when I try to update, but when I try to upsert I get the error. The job never gets created so the batch never even has a chance to get upsert‘d.


From our comment thread on the OP:

  1. You need to configure an external Id field on your object; this will generally by the primary key used by your external system with which you are syncing. See and
  2. Change your operation to upsert and ensure the external Id is provided in your data file.
  3. Edit Add the external Id to your XML (see Update 2 below)

Update 1

I don’t think there are any changes to the HTTP POST request. Sample updated CSV as requested (some values shortened for improved formatting):

Id,FirstName,LastName,Department,Birthdate,Description, My_External_Id__c
"003i000000EpehQ","Tomas","Jones","MKG","1940-06-07Z","Awesome", "ExternalPrimaryKey1"
"003i000000EpYI7","Ian","Dury","R&D","","Expert", "ExternalPrimaryKey2"

Update 2

I found the XML definition needed to start the job here. Using cURL with the job.txt example provided by Salesforce, your XML should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jobInfo xmlns="">

Note that capitalization and the order of the elements is important; if you put <externalIdFieldName> after <contentType> you will get a HTTP 400 error message stating it was unable to parse the job. After successfully submitting the job you will get an XML response with the job id, operation, object, etc… (see page 6 in the previously linked PDF.)

Source : Link , Question Author : user1477388 , Answer Author : Mike Chale

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