How to query More than 50000 records from sObject

i need to count total number of records in an sObject which can have around one million records. Will the code below work ? If no, how can this be done ? I dont need to use this in a vf page.

I will be using this COUNT() SOQL Query in a batch class which is scheduled to run at specific time.

AggregateResult results = database.query('SELECT COUNT(id) result FROM someSObject');    
System.debug('No of ids are: '+results.get('result'));


(comical but unsupported)

You can wedge your aggregate query inside of a FOR loop. This expands the ceiling beyond the 50,000 limit. Ultimately undocumented behavior, that probably shouldn’t be relied upon.

Integer total = 0;    

for (AggregateResult result : [
    FROM SomeObject__c
]) total += (Integer)result.get('expr0');

System.assert(false, total); //big number

Ratan confirms that even a GROUP BY clause is not needed in the query. Neat!

Source : Link , Question Author : Walker , Answer Author : Matt and Neil

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