How to Render Blob on visualforce Page?

I have Base 64-encoded binary data and I want to render that as an image on a Visualforce Page. Is that possible? How can it be done?


This is a really interesting question which showcases some powerful (though not necessarily recommended) platform capabilities. To answer it:


public class BlobController {
  public String getData() {
      'XgLEb4H4FxD/BuLXQNwHxPwwZdgNuMDgDcS3GR4w7Gf4yfCE4T8UgtggsQsMH4DYHrsBFxiUgfgVw1eG' +
      'm3CN6BAkd4HhGhArYTNgDtiW/wQgxCVTsBnwCcXZuCBIzQWGB9gM+EdQMwxeYPiGzYD/JBjwFZsBz0jw' +
      'wh1sBswiIRAbsBkgDsTviIjGpyC1uBKSJRBfx5OQLgOxLu6UCDFEEYh7oQnmCyjEgfgeELcAsSzOpDxg' +

<apex:page controller="BlobController">
    <apex:image value="data:image;base64,{!Data}" />

Base64 data to image

Genericizing this with a component:

Potentially, this could be used (eg) to minimize HTTP requests in overhead-critical applications such as mobile clients. Without the need for a build process. This use of PageReference.getContent may be contentious, and you’d need to consume SOQL queries to properly surface the MIME types, but this works for example’s sake:


public class DataUriForResourceController {
  public String path {
    get; set;

  public String getData() {
    return EncodingUtil.base64encode(new PageReference(this.path).getContent());


<apex:component layout="none" selfClosing="true" controller="DataUriForResourceController"><!--
--><apex:attribute required="true" name="path" type="String" description="Path for the static resource whose content will be fetched, eg '/resource/myResourceNameZip/file.ext'" assignTo="{!path}" /><!--
-->data:image;base64,<apex:outputText value="{!Data}" escape="false" /><!--


<apex:page contentType="text/css" cache="true" expires="300">
  div.panel {
    border:1px solid #CCC;
    background-image: url('<c:dataUriForResource path="{!URLFOR($Resource.myPng)}" />');

Source : Link , Question Author : Axaykumar Varu , Answer Author : Matt and Neil

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