How to select Unique values in SOQL

I am trying to get unique values by Territory_ID__c with a (Salesforce SQL) SOQL query.

I tried this:

return [select id,name,ANNUAL_CALLS__c,city__c,state__c,No_Of_Targets__c,
from zip__c where name in :sArr unique by Territory_ID__c];

But this does not return the unique values. How can I get unique values of a column?


 List<zip__c> lstzips= [select id,name,ANNUAL_CALLS__c,city__c,state__c,No_Of_Targets__c,Territory_ID__c,,Territory__r.ANNUAL_CALLS__c from zip__c where name in :sArr ];

 Map<String,zip__c> mapStrByzip=new Map<String,zip__c>();

for(zip__c zipone:lstzips){
    mapStrByLstzips.put(zipone.Territory_ID__c,zipone);//This is map and hence it will always have unique values 

system.debug('List return'+mapStrByLstzips.values());

Use Maps for this and make Territory_ID__c as key for the Map and that should give you unique values

Source : Link , Question Author : Arun SFDC , Answer Author : Mohith Shrivastava

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