How to smooth shade an object while retaining hard edges?

I frequently come to the problem of having a mesh with parts I would like to render smooth and “hard” edges connecting them.

How can I set the mesh to show the sharp edges but render everything else smooth?

In the example I would like the sides of the individual cylinders render smooth but the intersection between bottom and top to be sharp/flat

set to smooth


There are a few ways to do this but the quickest and most efficient (in your case here) is to just smooth it the same way, using Shade Smooth and then adding an Edge Split modifier to the mesh.

From the wiki

The EdgeSplit modifier splits edges within a mesh. The edges to split
can be determined from the edge angle (i.e. angle between faces
forming this edge), and/or edges marked as sharp.

Splitting an edge affects vertex normal generation at that edge,
making the edge appear sharp. Hence, this modifier can be used to
achieve the same effect as the Autosmooth button, making edges appear
sharp when their angle is above a certain threshold. It can also be
used for manual control of the smoothing process, where the user
defines which edges should appear smooth or sharp

Here it is as you have it above..

enter image description here

With the modifier added

enter image description here

Additionally, you can see some more tips here for getting good quality on hard surface models. BlenderCookie has a tutorial (archived) on getting nice sharp edges.

Source : Link , Question Author : miceterminator , Answer Author : Community

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