How to study/prepare for the Salesforce ADVANCED Developer Certification?

After reading the overwhelming responses to the question How to study/prepare for the Salesforce Developer Certification, I decided to ask the same question but for the Advanced Developer Certification!

I have more than one year of experience as a Salesforce Certified Developer. I am planning to study and pass the Advanced Developer Certification to hone my skills into an advanced developer. Again, exactly as mentioned in the aforementioned question/post, the official page has little information and the study guide gives too broad a description of the topics in the examination. Hence, if you can give us some information, resources, practice examinations, hints, tips, or advice, it will be of great help!

An added advantage is that I have access to online Salesforce Partner Premier Training. What online training topics should I go though?

Edit: And perhaps any topics which everybody would not be doing in their day to day work?


I decided to take this exam (Multiple Choice) after i completed one year of development on platform.

Majority of the questions test your apex and Visualforce skills and make sure you are familiar and have some practical hands on before you decide to go for this exam.

I found multiple blogs helping me to clear this exam with lot of ease .I just blogged in my blog too on some tips that i found helpful

Pay attention to

1)Email services(Inbound Email Handler Class and Test Class)

2)Webservices(SOAP and REST)

3)Deployment strategies

4)Various org editions provided by salesforce and there data limtations

5)Some Visualforce tags like apex:component,apex:include,apex:composition,tags related to Visualforce email template,ajax related tags (Action function,action support,action Region,etc)

6)Test classes and best practices while writing test code

7)Visualforce controllers (standard ,custom and extensions and how they differ)

8)Static Resources and there usage

9)PDF generation in

Hope this helps you.As others have pointed go through the materials on Partner portal they are really helpful.All the best!

Source : Link , Question Author : Shumon Saha , Answer Author : Mohith Shrivastava

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