How to switch partner portal users on the same partner account?

At one of our Partner’s, the contact person, of which the partner license was active on is leaving.

I need to grant partner access to a new contact for that account, but all rules/groups/etc needs to stay in tact.

When trying to “disable the partner access” for the contact:

enter image description here

A pop up tells me that all will be deleted (there is no detail of what exactly is going to be lost)

enter image description here

So – how do I grant a new contact for that partner to be able to : access and see all the “historical” info/accounts/contacts/opptys/etc ?

And Account/Contacts/Cases/oppty ownership – that should be done automatically


If you activate new contacts under the same account they will most likely get the same access as the user you are deactivating, and I say most likely because I don’t know the details of the sharing settings in your organization but what you are planning to do is the standard way of doing it.

BTW, you don’t really need to disable this user, you could simply deactivate the user.

Source : Link , Question Author : Saariko , Answer Author : PepeFloyd

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