Ideas that every salesforce developer should vote for? [closed]

I’ve noticed that Ideas around improvements to the apex language don’t seem to get the same up-vote exposure as some of the admin-based improvements.

Thinking this might be a good place to aggregate all the ideas that we should be all voting on (for the sake of modernizing development on the platform).

Here are some of my top:

Proper Namespacing

Proper Class Reflection

Lambda Expressions

Support Field-sets in SOQL SELECT clause (disclaimer, I submitted this one)

JSON Serialization Attributes

What other ideas should we all be voting for?


Good Dev Ideas Community Wiki (no judgement, a-z, if you think it’s worthwhile just add it, don’t remove ideas added by others).

Vote for everything you agree with to build visibility. If you have opinions on them or disagree with them, comment/downvote on the idea exchange.

Source : Link , Question Author : NSjonas , Answer Author : Ralph Callaway

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