Ignore Lightning Application with .forceignore

Using SalesforceDX, I am currently having trouble finding a way to ignore a lightning application created in my scratch org; the force:source:status always seem to include it.

The name of the Aura bundle is “preview” and the current .forceignore file read this :


The file is placed at the root of the project and works fine when I try to ignore other files such as a given object or profile. But when it comes to AuraDefinitionBundle, I am having trouble finding out the right exclusion syntax. As seen above, I tried to exclude the app file which is the name that the force:source:status command return me for the application, the folder name or any folder with that name.

Nothing seems to work and I figured it might be rather simple but I am missing it and the documentation on this seems limited on salesforce side. I tried a bunch of other things from related .gitignore doc but without success.


I’ve had great trouble getting my head round the various forceignore syntaxes.
As of now (my version is sfdx-cli/7.48.0-a71f8c6899) the following is what I’ve found for Aura Definition Bundle entries (note I’m unsure why the OP’s preview entry did not work);

  • You don’t need to supply an extension (unlike the other meta)
  • Be careful that the entries have implicit wild carding.

An example;
If my sfdx force:source:status return this;

STATE       FULL NAME              TYPE                  PROJECT PATH
──────────  ─────────────────────  ────────────────────  ────────────
Remote Add  setExpId/setExpId.evt  AuraDefinitionBundle

Then I can ignore that setExpId bundle with this entry in the .forceignore;


Source : Link , Question Author : P. Lapointe , Answer Author : Todd Halfpenny

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