implications of being a record owner?

what kind of logic does record ownership drive? here’s what i can think of:

  1. owner of the master is the owner of the detail.
  2. ownership (or lack of) drives queues
  3. ownership can drive logic (workflow, validation, formula fields….)

Anything else I’m missing?


Ownership is one of the few ways of being granted full control of a record (the other being the role hierarchy). Full control at the sharing level grants the ability to transfer ownership to other users, as well as delete the record. This applies across all standard and custom objects. There are a number of features related to ownership that are specific to standard objects as well, and vary by the object type.

Note that apex managed sharing, sharing rules, and manual shares can only grant the lesser read and edit permissions, both of which do not allow deletion or changes in ownership on the record.

Source : Link , Question Author : PartOfTheOhana , Answer Author : ca_peterson

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