IMPORTRANGE with preserved formatting

I am importing a certain range of data from a master sheet and would like to maintain the formatting for those cells.

It seems as though this only works within a sheet: Cell reference with colour formatting. This would be the perfect option, except I am unsure how I can reference the master sheet’s key.


May be an old question but its still being looked up – so here is the workaround:

Importrange as we all know will only import raw un formatted data into a new googlesheet. As a workaround to avoid the hassle of redoing all the conditional formatting rules on the new import data sheet, do the following:
– on the original sheet which you plan to import data from- right click the sheet tab n click ‘copy to’

  • when the browse file window pops up select the sheet you plan to use the importrange formula on.

  • once you get the successful copy message – open that sheet – press ctl A and press the delete key

  • then in cell A1 type your importrange formula – your data will now display with all conditional formatting rules that have been set in the original sheet which you are importing from.

check out my post on
“importrange while preserving conditional formatting rules”!topic/docs/-KnnBPq4d24

Source : Link , Question Author : Lucas Crossley , Answer Author : cryptonic

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