InstalledPackage Failure When Deploying to Sandbox

I’m a bit of a IDE newbie – still learning. I’m trying to migrate a simple custom object (no fields) from one sandbox to another and I’m running into this error:

# Deploy Results:
   File Name:    package.xml
   Full Name:  package.xml
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: Cannot deploy InstalledPackage in Package Manifest with any other types!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I also recently upgraded to v.28 and get the same error for simply trying to deploy a single RecordType. The resulting message does not appear helpful as there isn’t any InstalledPackage entry within my package.xml file (see below).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Package xmlns="">

As for installing a previous version of the IDE plug-in you must FIRST remove the current version.

  1. Go to the Eclipse menu Help –> About Eclipse and click the Installation Details button at the bottom left of the dialog box.
  2. Select the IDE and click the Uninstall… button and follow the instructions.

SECOND, install previous version of IDE:

  1. Go to the Eclipse menu Help –> Install New Software…
  2. Enter “ IDE” in the Work With: box and it should return IDE – Select this option.
  3. Be sure to uncheck the Show only the latest versions of available software in the bottom section of the dialog. This should present with a full list of all versions of the API available.

NOTE: You will most likely need to create a new Project once you install a previous version (ie. v.27). I doubt the project upgrade wizard can handle the change backwards.

In the meantime, hopefully SF will issue a patch to v.28 to fix this

Hope this helps,

Source : Link , Question Author : Zakk Tapp , Answer Author : CloudMike

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