Interested to look for career in salesforce but no background

i am just wondering if can a person like me, with no background about salesforce or any IT coursE will find difficult to find career in salesforce? I am a registered nurse by the way and i am planning to take up any online course about salesforce or buy books related to it. Will that be possible?


depends. I was a preschool teacher and then took a job as a support rep at a company that used Salesforce. While i was there I learned on the job how to code/develop within salesforce and they let me do it between calls, eventually letting me do it part time, and then full time.

After developing with salesforce for over 7 years I found that there are a lot of weird rules and exceptions that you just can’t learn except with experience.

So i think it may be possible since before then i didn’t even know how to code at all in any language, but you need someone to give you a chance. And I know that most places want someone with at least a few years experience.

With that said, it never hurts to try 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Allen Arrosas , Answer Author : SalesForceGirl

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