Internal Server Error Accessing Org-Default Custom Setting In Test Method – Problem With Currency Values

This is driving me slightly crazy. I have a hierarchy type custom setting which has a currency field.

Inside a trigger I do the following:

Global_Settings__c gs = Global_Settings__c.getOrgDefaults();

if(gs.Id == null)
    gs.Minimum_Amount__c = 0;
    insert gs;

Double minimum = (Double) Global_Settings__c.getOrgDefaults().Minimum_Amount__c;

Pretty straight forward and works exactly as it should. Where it breaks down is when the trigger is fired from a test method. For some reason the last line is causing an internal server error, but I can’t see any reason why it should do so (this is the same whether I insert a custom setting record in the test method body or not).

Major Update – New Question Below

So I took the red pill, carried on down the rabbit hole, and it turns out it’s pretty deep. What I’ve managed to establish through the debug logs is that there’s a problem comparing the value of the currency field in the settings with another.

Changing the cast from a double to a decimal in the original code doens’t cause a problem, however, comparing that decimal to anything else does. Using this code to setup some values:

    Global_Settings__c gs = Global_Settings__c.getOrgDefaults();

    if(gs == null)
        gs = new Global_Settings__c();
        gs.SetupOwnerId = UserInfo.GetOrganizationId();

    gs.Minimum_Amount__c = 200.0;
    upsert gs;

    Decimal minimum = Global_Settings__c.GetOrgDefaults().Minimum_Amount__c;
    Opportunity op = new Opportunity(Amount = 100);
    Decimal a = Decimal.valueOf('' + minimum);

I then tested various options using these debug statements:

    System.Debug(op.Amount > a);       // All good, outputs "false" as expected
    System.Debug(op.Amount > minimum); // Blows up
    System.Debug('POW!');              // Never run

Even creating a new Decimal variable and assigning minimum to it doesn’t work, though perhaps that’s assigning a reference (I don’t believe it is but this behaviour would indicated otherwise). So I can use the conversion to a String and back again for now… but the question is why is this causing an issue?


In version 21.0 of the API or later, getOrgDefaults() no longer returns a null. In other words, it always returns something, even an empty instantiated settings object in memory. Also, without seeAllData=true in your test you can’t see the settings from your instance. In other words, your test appears to be returning an empty settings object and it’s possible that your gack is in trying to cast a null Minimum_Amount__c field value.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt Lacey , Answer Author : greenstork

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