Invalid API version 0.0 preventing me from saving trigger

I keep getting this error when trying to save a trigger, “Invalid API version: 0.0”

I’ve googled this error and I haven’t been able to find anything about how to resolve this, does anyone have any ideas? I’ve seen errors when the trigger references to another API version for example, version 34 when the previous version was 35, but the trigger in question seems to have no API version slot in the dev console(others that i’ve created do). Furthermore, when trying to edit the trigger through the standard Salesforce UI, I get a timeout error.

Anybody have any ideas on why this could be happening? Its been happening for the past few days.


Its really weird to say but this actually looked like it solved itself after I opened up a case with Salesforce. They closed to case and told me I needed developer support, but it looks like the API version 0.0 has now disappeared and I am now able to edit in both the dev console and standard UI

I’m pretty sure this was a server issue

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