Is it correct to use ‘Ln’ instead of ‘ln’ for natural logarithm?

In some research papers, authors use ‘Ln’ for natural logarithm instead of ‘ln’. Is it correct?


Why wouldn’t it be? As long as it isn’t confusing.

However, it is sometimes the case (especially when writing in non-mathematical fields) that there is confusion over base 10 vs. base e, and often people in those fields haven’t heard of (or have forgotten about) the difference between ln (or Ln) and log.

If there is possibility of confusion, it is best to specify the base, and do so explicitly: $\log_{10}$ or $\log_\mathrm{e}$ or $\ln$ (base e logarithm) or something similar.

Source : Link , Question Author : PSS , Answer Author : Scortchi – Reinstate Monica

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