Is it possible to get the Standard Field “Name” increased form 80 characters lenght to a greater legth by Salesforce Support?

Is it possible to get the Standard Field “Name” increased form 80 characters lenght to a greater length by Salesforce Support via a case?

I know, it’s not possible changing this as an Admin. But I never tried to open a case and ask Salesforce for that. I ask because opening and babysitting a case is not a quick journey, and I’m sure that someone has already asked the support.

I know also that there is an idea for this. But it has aged for years already and this is no help now.

Reason is: this field is very special and plays a major role for lookup relationships and search. 80 characters is way too short. Before we start to go with other quirks, a want to make sure, that there is really NO way to get it adjusted, even not with super-powers….


No – it is not possible to increase the Name field from 80 chars. I raised a case with Salesforce Support regarding this, as I was curious. The response is below:

Currently, this is not yet possible as it is a limitation of the
coding. But our Research and Development Team is welcome to future
changes and additional capabilities to our Standard Features.

The most possible thing that we can do as of this moment is to vote on
this in the community board. I strongly suggest that you and users
from your Organization vote on this idea. Here’s a link where you can
vote and promote this functionality already requested by other users
as well:

Increase Name field length from 80 to 255

Having said that, we’ll now temporarily close your case for now to
avoid sending you additional requests for updates. However, please be
assured that you can re-open the case anytime if you still require
assistance. You may also create a new case and we’ll be happy to
assist you.

Source : Link , Question Author : Uwe Heim , Answer Author : Andy Hitchings

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