Is it possible to update custom field metadata via the tooling api?

I can successfully make a patch request to the tooling api to update a custom fields api name. However, if I include any of the field properties in the CustomFieldMetadata object I get an internal salesforce error.

successful request:

PATCH: /services/data/v29.0/tooling/sobjects/CustomFieldDefinition/{ID}
 "DeveloperName" : "NewName"

failed request:

PATCH: /services/data/v29.0/tooling/sobjects/CustomFieldDefinition/{ID}
  "DeveloperName" : "NewName",
  "Metadata" : {"length": 100}

gack ids:

118968544-21444 (-1657627855)

1623052628-129393 (-1657627855)


This is a known issue with the tooling api with no current ETA for the fix. The bug number is W-1904760.

For other people who want to programmatically work with their custom field metadata I would recommend Andrew Fawcett’s excellent metadata api wrapper.

Source : Link , Question Author : Greg Grinberg , Answer Author : Greg Grinberg

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