Is knowledge for Visualforce relevant now?

We are planning to put a small team for taking care of our company’s Salesforce instance.

Most of the members in this new team do not have experience in Visualforce and as such we are wondering whether we need to give our team training.

With all the hoopla about lightning I am not even sure whether it is worth it to go ahead with the expensive training on Visualforce.

Will Visualforce be outdated and replaced by Lightning in the upcoming months ?

Will Visualforce be relevant at least for a year from now ?


Visualforce is never going away. The barrier to entry with lightning is far too high for the “anybody can code” group that salesforce really likes to cater to. PDF rendering and email templates are also never going away.

That said, I do see a lot more lightning in the future, but considering how much freedom you get with visualforce (no LockerService, no content security policies, API enabled session, etc.) I’m increasingly a fan of lightning within visualforce if you have no need to blend multiple namespaces.

I’m going to emphasize visualforce much less than I used to, but it has plenty of life left in it when used wisely, and I’d be hesitant to hire somebody without knowledge of it even in orgs that are super into lightning.

Source : Link , Question Author : VPY , Answer Author : ca_peterson

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