Is sending feedback on SFDC Doc errors/incompleteness worth bothering about?

When I discover an error or omission in the SFDC Developer Doc, I go to the section at the bottom of the page:

enter image description here

and fill out the “yes, except” or “no” feedback form. My belief is that since I rely on the doc, where it is incorrect or missing some clarification, that others should benefit from ever-improving documentation.

My question is: Does anyone ever actually read and act on the doc feedback? Is there a better channel to use? I can imagine that a tech writer has to reproduce the use case, consult with an engineer, go through approvals/QA and that this might be all too much bother given higher value docs to be produced for new features.


These reports go directly to the doc writer team, and by far is the quickest & easiest way to give feedback and get improvements in the doc, and is at least as effective as getting bugs logged in the internal system. [I have access to the internal bug system, but still report doc issues via this form]

Source : Link , Question Author : cropredy , Answer Author : superfell

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