Is SOAP API becoming obsolete?

I have a requirement to Integrate Salesforce with SAP Business Objects(BOJ) to retrieve some data in Real time and display using VF page. I will send Account Id from Salesforce and retrieve Billing information from BOJ(Just Query, no insert or updates). I want to know whether SOAP API or Apex REST API is better for this implementation. In SF SOAP documentation, I read below point. Does it mean, SOAP API require lot of maintenance overhead in future? We don’t want to go for External Objects as we don’t have ‘OData’ type paid feature enabled.

SOAP API End-of-Life

Salesforce is committed to supporting each SOAP API version for a minimum of three years from the date of first release. In order to improve the quality and performance of SOAP API, versions that are more than three years old may cease to be supported.
When a SOAP API version is scheduled to be unsupported, an advance end-of-life notice will be given at least one year before support for SOAP API version is ended. Salesforce will directly notify customers using SOAP API versions scheduled for end of life.


This statement is simply stating that a particular version of the API is only guaranteed to be supported for three years. In other words, salesforce guarantees version compatibility for three years. Salesforce currently supports version 20 (the Winter 11 API) through 39 (the Spring 17 API).

If you build an application today, using version 39, it is guaranteed to be supported until at least version 48 (Spring 20 API). Salesforce’s current API support supports any applications written or last updated in the past six years.

This isn’t exclusive to the SOAP API; the REST API, Metadata API, Streaming API, and so on all have similar notices. This means that some periodic maintenance may be required for any application that uses any API.

You can view the currently supported API versions here.

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