Is there a good up to date Lightning Component sample app somewhere?

When I Google “lightning component sample app” the top of the list is this February 2015 Lightning Components Sample App: Belgian Beer Explorer.

I am trying to work out how to structure an interactive editing app made up of a collection of co-operating components but am struggling in places (see How to share data between co-operating Lightning Components?) so would like to learn from other developers about how to make all the pieces fit together. If you know of a good open source sample app that uses the framework as it is now, please post a link to it as an answer.

(I am not looking for individual components; I am looking for ideas on how to assemble multiple components into a significant piece of functionality that reads and writes the database and offers good editing capabilities.)


The June 2016 Meet DreamHouse, the new App Cloud Sample App isn’t quite it either, as the components there are quite loosely coupled.


I think because people are exactly looking for that the same team that build Dreamhouse has now built the Mutual Fund Explorer – a complex set of tightly coupled Lightning components that show

  • Caching data with storable actions
  • Caching data with a custom cache
  • Creating a dropdown box from picklist values
  • Creating a dropdown box from a list of records
  • Event bubbling
  • Using application events
  • Using component events
  • Using a third-party JavaScript library
  • Using bound vs unbound expressions

Source : Link , Question Author : Keith C , Answer Author : Robert Sösemann

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