Is there a maximum value for LIMIT in a SOQL query?

I have 535 Contact records in my Developer account. I am finding that the following query:

SELECT Id,FirstName,Lastname FROM Contact LIMIT 205 OFFSET 190

returns 200 records from Database.query(), while this query:

SELECT Id,FirstName,Lastname FROM Contact LIMIT 199 OFFSET 190

returns 199. I suspect there is an implicit 200 maximum on the value for LIMIT, but I can’t find it documented anywhere, and no error is raised when I use these higher values.


The LIMIT clause has no limit in and of itself. It’s limited to the context in which it’s used. If it’s used in Apex code it’s limited to the total governor limit for SOQL rows, which is currently 50,000. If it’s used in a query via the Web Service API then there is no limit.

The issue you’re running into appears solely to be an issue with using the OFFSET clause and LIMIT together.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeff Trull , Answer Author : E.J. Wilburn

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