Is there a visual tool for designing and applying neural nets/deep learning? [closed]

I know there are lots of libraries for machine learning and deep learning like caffe, Theano, TensorFlow, keras, …
But for me it seems like I have to know the architecture of the neural net, that I want to use.

Is there a (visual) tool that allows to experiment with different network designs and apply them on own data?

I’m thinking about something like the TensorFlow Playground, but with n-dimensional data and different layer types.

Thanks in advance!


There are many tools available for designing and applying neural network just by drag and drop.One of them is Deep Learning Studio Developed by Deep Cognition Inc, their robust deep learning platform with a visual interface in production provides a comprehensive solution to data ingestion, model development, training, deployment and management. Deep Learning Studio users have the ability to quickly develop and deploy deep learning solutions through robust integration with TensorFlow, MXNet and Keras.
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Their auto ML feature will auto generate the neural network model.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Marc Osterland , Answer Author : Santosh Ray

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