Is there a way to know what operation invoked a Trigger in the Trigger code?

I want to execute different logic in an update Trigger, depending on whether the Trigger was invoked by an operation through:

  • a Visualforce page

vs. others like

  • standard Page Layout
  • external application using the API
  • future calls or scheduled Apex.

Is there any way to check whether we initially entered the current Execution Context by an operation through a particular Visualforce page.

The Visualforce page is part of a third party Managed Package, so I can’t access the code.


  • System.currentPageReference() – What is the current page? It will most likely be null for the external API.
  • System.isBatch() – Is the code currently executing inside a batch Apex job?
  • System.isFuture() – Is the code currently executing inside a method annotated with future (or being called by it)?
  • System.isScheduled() – In the code currently being executed inside a scheduled Apex job?

Source : Link , Question Author : Intigris , Answer Author : beamso

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