Is there an @salesforce import or uiRecordApi service for custom settings in LWC?

I have an LWC that needs to use a value from a (hierarchy) custom settings object, when available.

I know I can write an Apex method and call it via a wire to address this, but I was hoping to find an @salesforce import module or uiRecordApi wire that would provide this ability in a more out-of-the-box manner.

It looks like writing my own Apex method is the only viable approach, which is a shame, but thought I’d float the question just in case someone found something I could use that the documentation doesn’t cover properly.


This has been the case since aura days, unfortunately, there is no way in LWC/Aura to get Hierarchical CS.

I have raised this idea few years back which you can upvote:

Source : Link , Question Author : Phil W , Answer Author : Pranay Jaiswal

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