Is there any way to view/show card numbers on every card?

It would be easier to refer to a card using the card number. I see that when you open a card, it shows a number at the bottom right. Is there a way to see this number when the cards are shown on the board. Also, does a similar functionality exits on the Android app ?


I don’t think there is a way to display card numbers from the board view. You can suggest this feature at

A quick workaround for this until there is a solution is to hover over the card title in the board view. The URL preview provided by the browser (e.g. in Chrome the URL preview of the link is at the bottom left of the browser) will show the card’s link. The number at the end of this URL corresponds to the number of the card.

Not a great solution, but the only way to see the card number without actually clicking into it.

Source : Link , Question Author : advantej , Answer Author : OnenOnlyWalter

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