Issues rolling out new managed packages during the maintenance window

In the couple weeks between when Salesforce upgrades the first instances and when they have finished rolling the new version out to everyone, it is a struggle to get a new package out. Currently, our packaging org has been upgraded to Winter 13, but the orgs we have designated for QA are still sitting at Summer 12. So, the attempt at installation of a new package for testing in our QA org results in the following error:

Mismatching Versions

The AppExchange Application or component you have selected is not yet
available on your instance of Please check back in a
few days to retry the installation. Press the back button of your
browser now and bookmark the AppExchange Directory page so that you
can find it later.

Consequently, if we need to get an emergency release to a customer, they are out of luck if their org is still waiting for the new Salesforce release.

Is this something we just have to live with or is there a way to work around it?


I can’t speak for Managed Packages, but I know that when using the ANT tool and with Changesets that the few weeks window as you have orgs across versions poses real challenges.

The only solution I’ve had is doing things like excluding components that are incompatible from the package.xml/changeset in order to get the release done and then manually configuring them if needed the target org.

If neither of those options are available in Managed Packages, you may be out of luck 🙁

Source : Link , Question Author : Rob Scott , Answer Author : Steven Herod

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