Journey Builder ‘Journey Tracking Data Extensions’

Journey Builder ‘Journey Tracking Data Extensions’

Has anyone implemented Journey Tracking Data Extensions. Where the progress of a Journey is tracked in an Data Extension.

Are there any best practices? Gotchas? My assumption is each Journey has to have it’s own Journey Tracking DE because the Contact Update Activity does an add/insert and keys off of a Contact:ID.

What types of things are tracked? Entry/Exist, last activity/date, etc


Asked a while ago, but I’ll offer a few of my best practices:

  • Always insert a date/time stamp for an activity
  • Track progress within Journey
  • Use the DE as an exclusion source from Marketing email (ie, if subscriber receive a Journey email, exclude from regular Marketing email)
  • Other than UPDATE CONTACT you can also use an UPSERT in the email HTML to mark Journey progress
  • Journeys can share a DE to update, and I have but…

The one “gotcha” I’ve had is when trying to update the “On/Off switch” for marketing exclusions from multiple journeys using a single DE is making sure the order of the updates occurs such that the final value reflects current exclusion state.

Source : Link , Question Author : victorcorey , Answer Author : George Rosedale

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