Lightning Beta – Lightning file locations?

Our team is exploring Lightning development and a couple of our requirements are to be able to:

  1. Work on a shared code base across multiple orgs
  2. Check our code into version control

Currently due to packaging + namespace issues as detailed here, #1 will probably have to wait for the next release. (Side note, I’ve noticed the access control tag ‘extensible=”true”‘ does not allow me to save, is that coming too?). For #2, we’ve only been able to work in the Developer Console and we can’t find the lightning app/component/controller/helper files when downloading the entire project into Eclipse. Only the lightning tabs show up which don’t have any of the markup/JS we wrote. Is there a way to download the Lightning Component files to a local workspace?


Victor – Dev @ Appiphony


The current eclipse plugin does not have support for lightning components – they are working on it.

The forceCLI however does have full support for lightning components (force ) and this combined with the sublime-lightning plugin for Sublime 2 or 3 has been how I have been working with lightning for the past few months and the integration into sublime is excellent.

I will post install links etc here in a minute once I get back to my desk.

Source : Link , Question Author : Victor Carreon , Answer Author : Doug Chasman

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