Lightning Components in Visualforce

I’ve been following the documentation listed here:Lightning/Visualforce Documenation and seeing different results between my developer org and my sandbox environment.

When constructing the example in the documentation and loading the visualforce page, the developer org renders the referenced component.

The sandbox version results in the following error in the console:


Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”

I’ve referenced the required lightning.out.js in both examples. Is there a permission or missing dependency or something in my sandbox that might cause this result?


I was able to get a Lightning component to be served out of a VF page (without a custom domain) using the steps referenced in the question, but only when specifying the domain format.



(cs3 being the salesforce instance from which my sandbox happened to be served.)

The “preview” button on the dev console VF Page editor redirects to the failing URL above. Changing the url to the alternate format worked.

I cannot (yet) speak to the impact of this alternate domain-name format on other aspects of page access. However other org VF pages do appear to be served out properly when using this domain name format.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jake Landis , Answer Author : Andrew Schwartz

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