Lightning Container Component: Refused to display ‘…’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’

I’m following the official Salesforce example about Lightning Container Component usage (Released Winter’18 on API 41.0): (RealtyApp)

I get a message like this on console:
enter image description here
If I click on the link, I can see this app working in a new tab.

In the example, I see a manifest.json according to Specifying a CSP Level and no luck, still the same error testing all modes.

Also, I tried with Basic Example as well (GitHub Lightning Container Examples), but I have the same problem.

I’m using a Trailhead Org to test this example but I run out of ideas to figure out what is going on.


At the moment, we don’t know the origin of the problem. We have set a new organization and this component works now.

Source : Link , Question Author : danigonlinea , Answer Author : danigonlinea

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