Lightning Development in SF1 – How to prevent caching?

I’m working on the development of some Lightning Component Quick Actions and I need to test some responsive behavior on Salesforce1. I’m running into a lot of caching issues and am having to reset the entire application every time I make a change to my component. Even then, sometimes I get an obsolete version.

I’ve taken a look at this question and set my Session Settings accordingly. This doesn’t seem to have any effect in SF1. Is there something else I can change in the settings somewhere to prevent this caching issue in SF1?


If you’re using the Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browser, you can disable caching by bringing up the context menu, choose Inspect (Inspect Element in Firefox) to bring up the dev tool, go to the network tab, and check Disable Cache. The dev tool menu must remain open in order for this to continue working.

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