Lightning Experience lookup filters are not supported

Has anyone come up with a workaround for lookup filters in the Lightning Experience(If it is even possible)? Currently we are using a lookup filter on a lookup field on Object C to filter the possibilities of Object B to only show B‘s that have a lookup to the same A record.

This is not supported in the lightning experience as described here. And is still not coming in the Spring `16 release as per the release notes.

             Object A
               / \
              /   Object B
             /     \
             Object C 

The issue is in the Lightning Experience, if a user starts to fill out the lookup field on a C record all B records will show up instead of the records that only have like lookup to an A record.

I am also curious if someone has insight to if/when Salesforce will be implementing this for the Lightning Experience.


I’m the PM for lookups in Lightning. First, I would look at your current lookup filter setup. Are they working as is? If you want to speed up Lightning or S1 adoption, try adjusting your lookup filters to not be reliant on a specific value in the field you are adding or updating.

We launched Lightning with related lookup filters support, which is by far most what admins add to their orgs. We even added support for related lookup filters Salesforce1 in Winter ’17. We think that’s a huge step in the right direction for productivity.

But, we hear you loud and clear. The lack of dependent lookup filters has been a frustrating gap. We are working on adding support for dependent lookup filters, so you’ll be able to apply your business rules automatically in the Spring ’17 release. As always, #safeharbor applies, of course!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jesse Milburn , Answer Author : MaryAnn Patel

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