Lightning QuickAction (API) without modal

I am attempting to replace JS buttons with quick actions. These button simply call a web service method and alert the result and need no user interaction.

With quick action a modal always seems to appear and this is not desirable.

I am calling the Webservice method in the doInit function and firing a toast event with the results and have no need for the modal popup.

Seems an oversight maybe? But is there a way to accomplish this without the modal to closely mimic the JS button functionality?

Ideally we could show the spinner without the modal

Right now I am simply calling


at the end of the doInit but it is not the most ideal in way of a UI to do this IMHO as it flashes the modal on the screen briefly.


I asked in the Lightning Trailblazers org62 group about this, a few months ago, and the response we got was that SFDC understands this usecase but do not have an estimate for delivery yet.

FWIW, we created a custom component with a button that sits on the lightning page, instead of using a quick action. Initially we displayed a spinner inside the quick action modal, so it wasn’t completely weird.

Source : Link , Question Author : Eric , Answer Author : Christian Carter

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