Limit size of email address?

I create an email address as per spec. I get a huge email address

Is there any way to get a smaller email address?

A related question:
I have a custom email setting which when I enter this email address it gets cropped.
Is there anyway to specify the length for an email field?

I know I could do this by using String type instead of email type. I just wanted to check is there a more elegant solution.



Currently you don’t have an control over the email services receiver addresses. You’ll need to accomodate the additional length in your settings.

I wasn’t aware there was a limit to email field length, that is a pain. Given that custom settings are only accessed by administrators I think giving up the additional validation constraints for email fields in favor of the additional space for a text field is a pretty reasonable design decision.

Source : Link , Question Author : dublintech , Answer Author : Ralph Callaway

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