List of User fields not available in Apex

I am looking to write some custom functionality for creating a User.

The problem I am facing is that some of the standard User fields don’t appear to be available through the API. I found this Idea about the Accessibility Mode field that appears on the standard UI. According to that idea, Salesforce Support discovered that it’s not actually a field at all but a, “User Interface feature that is not stored on the User object, but is merely referenced.”

My question is, does anyone know of a list of User fields that are in this same state? I can’t seem to find access to a few of the fields available during standard User creation:

  • Quick Access Menu
  • Color-Blind Palette on Charts
  • Allow Forecasting
  • etc…


I tried to relate API Name with UI label and here is what I found.

Missing field in API but Available on UI

Accessibility Mode  
NewsAllow Forecasting  
Color-Blind Palette on Charts  
End of day Flow User Quick Access Menu =  
Make Setup My Default Landing Page  
Mobile Configuration  
Mobile Push Registrations   
Receive Approval Request Emails  
Receive Salesforce CRM Content Alerts as Daily Digest  
Receive Salesforce CRM Content Email Alerts  
Salesforce Classic User  
Salesforce1 User  
Send Apex Warning Emails  
Service Cloud User  
Show View State in Development Mode  
Start of day  
Time-Based Token  
Used Data Space  
Used File Space  
User License  

Here are field already mapped.

UI Column   =   API Name  
Alias   =   Alias  
Call Center =   CallCenterId  
Address =   City , Street, State, Country,PostalCode   
Nickname    =   CommunityNickname  
Company =   CompanyName  
Created By  =   CreatedById  
Delegated Approver  =   DelegatedApproverId  
Department  =   Department  
Division    =   Division  
Email   =   Email  
Email Encoding  =   EmailEncodingKey  
Employee Number =   EmployeeNumber  
Extension   =   Extension  
Fax =   Fax  
Federation ID   =   FederationIdentifier  
Active  =   IsActive  
Language    =   LanguageLocaleKey  
Last Login  =   LastLoginDate  
Last Password Change or Reset   =   LastPasswordChangeDate  
Locale  =   LocaleSidKey  
Manager =   ManagerId  
Mobile  =   MobilePhone  
Name    =   Name  
Phone   =   Phone  
Profile =   ProfileId  
Admin Newsletter    =   ReceivesAdminInfoEmails  
Time Zone   =   TimeZoneSidKey  
Title   =   Title   
Username    =   Username   
Knowledge User  =   UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser  
Marketing User  =   UserPermissionsMarketingUser  
Offline User    =   UserPermissionsOfflineUser   
Salesforce CRM Content User =   UserPermissionsSFContentUser Contributor User   =   UserPermissionsSiteforceContributorUser Publisher User =   UserPermissionsSiteforcePublisherUser User   =   UserPermissionsWorkDotComUserFeature   
Development Mode    =   UserPreferencesApexPagesDeveloperMode  
Role    =   UserRoleId
Allow Forecasting  =  ForecastEnabled **  
Newsletter  =  ReceivesInfoEmails **

PS: This fields are mapped as per my understanding. Please feel free to correct me.

** Revised by @crmprogdev on 03/19/15

Source : Link , Question Author : Jesse Altman , Answer Author : crmprogdev

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