Locker Service DOM accessibility when action invoked via method

I have a lightning component setup where in a parent component I dynamically create a component and assign it to an <aura:attribute type="Aura.Component" />. The dynamically created child component has an <aura:method /> on it. The controller action for that method does some DOM manipulation on a node inside the dynamically created component (this should be totally valid in Locker Service since we are accessing a DOM node inside the same component). However, getElement() is not available when the component was dynamically created. If I instead directly place the component inside the parent component with <c:myCmp /> when I call the same function getElement() is available.

Is there something special I need to do in order to make sure dynamically created components have getElement() available within their own controller code or is this simply a bug in Locker Service?


Here is a gist that will showcase the issue:

With Locker Service disabled, both buttons will report that getElement() is available. Once enabled, the dynamic button will lose access to getElement().


The gist is excellent – thank you!

I would actually expect both scenarios to “fail” because Component.find() and $A.createComponent() should both yield a SecureComponentRef and not a SecureComponent. Component.find()’s behavior is the expected/working as designed one and we will closing the createComponent() hole soon.

A component is meant to be an encapsulated unit and the supported public API it exposes consists of its attributes, methods, and events – not its internal DOM structure. Lightning Components are secure/encapsulated by default. The internals of c:LSTestChild are its private parts in unless it explicitly chooses to expose them.

Source : Link , Question Author : dsharrison , Answer Author : Doug Chasman

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