Locking Opportunity Splits

We are looking to enable opportunity splits (enabled in summer 13).

Anyone using this along with some approval/lockdown mechanism? Goal would be to prevent the changing of splits once agreed upon. Has anyone successfully implemented this and mind sharing?



Update from Summer 14

From the release notes on Complete Customization Available for Opportunity Splits

You can customize opportunity splits in these ways:
– Set up validation rules
– Set up triggers

So you can now create a trigger that could use addError() onUpdate to prevent changes as required.

Pre-Summer 14

I was going to suggest creating a trigger on OpportunitySplit and using that to prevent changes via addError(). However, it appears you can’t create triggers or validation rules for Opportuntiy Splits yet.

See Opportunity split validation rule by Rajit Joseph (Product Manager for Sales Cloud at Salesforce)

As of Summer ’13, Opportunity Splits Object is not customizable i.e. it does not support addition of custom fields, validation rules, triggers, workflows etc on Opportunity Splits Object. However, this is something we are planning in our roadmap #Safe Harbor.

This greatly reduces your options for locking down the splits.

The same post also contains as suggested work around:

In the interim, customers can create a Visual Force (VF) Page with a similar look and feel to the standard Splits Multi-Edit UI page as in Summer ’13 and enforce a client side validation on the VF Page. Yes a small customization but would work in the interim, while we enhance the feature in our roadmap. Recommended to have a similar look-and-feel for the custom VF page so that your end users have the same user experience for splitting opportunity and you dont need to re-train them when moving to standard UI (Splits Multi-Edit) with validation rules in future, when you have this capability natively in Salesforce.

Source : Link , Question Author : Christoph , Answer Author : Daniel Ballinger

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