Lookup search not returning results

I’m having an unusual problem where I am unable to search for a particular contact from a contact lookup field on another object. I have full visibility of the contact in question and can search for them with the standard overall search of the Salesforce org, but nothing comes back from the lookup field search.

The issue is occurring for one user, but not for another.

Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this or how to resolve it?


I have experienced a similar issue and what worked for me was enabling Enhaced Lookups for the object in question. In your case Contacts.

Click Your Name -> Setup -> Customize -> Search -> Search Settings

In my case it looked like there was some filtering going on in the lookup that prevented the user from seeing results. Enhanced lookups got things working for me.

Bowei’s case: I have to turn off the enhanced lookup so that records can be displayed. I am afraid there are more bugs in this feature.

Source : Link , Question Author : Killian , Answer Author : Community

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