LWC Playground: Save option removed?

Did Salesforce get rid of the Save button in Lightning Web Component Playground?

I can’t find anything in the release notes about this. Pretty unfortunate if this is permanent. Saved Playground examples have been a key tool supporting StackExchange discourse on the LWC framework and LWC base components.

The Playground, sans Save

Worth noting — when you click the Help icon, a reference to the Save functionality is still there:

enter image description here

But on Ctrl+S, you get this:

enter image description here


Yes, Salesforce has removed option to save and download playground projects from July 22nd. This is documented in lwc documentation log.


It is also that existing saved projects will be deleted on December 1st, so start taking backup on your own.

To make backup easier, salesforce has created a CLI extension to export the saved projects easily.



Source : Link , Question Author : Matthew Souther , Answer Author : brahmaji tammana

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