Managed Package error “Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation”

I’m getting an exception email from a client who has installed my Managed Package in his org. The error message I receive is:

Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization:

caused by: line 1, column 1: Dependent class is invalid and needs
recompilation: ContentController: Dependent class is invalid and needs
recompilation: System.test: line 32, column 17: Invalid type:

What puzzles me is that how can a Managed Package class be marked invalid since its already compiled and packaged, plus when I login to the org having the issue, and open the respective class ContentController and I found the code is hidden because its managed class, and the Status shows as Valid and not invalid.

How can I fix this error? I can verify in dev org that the class is absolutely correct and code saves fine, no compilation error when saving the class code.


Source : Link , Question Author : VarunC , Answer Author : Community

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