Mass Delete Picklist values

I’m trying to find an automated way to mass delete picklist values. I had a look at the following ways to accomplish this but without success:

  • IDE: Deleting the picklist values in the metadata makes them Inactive when uploading
  • Using a Javascript hack: which was not working anymore due to the deprecated synchronous XMLHttpRequest. Converted to code using jQuery to async processing but didn’t work. Seems like the page to replace the picklist values is stopping the deletion
  • Destructive XML on Picklist value
  • Changing type to Text and back to Picklist: Picklist values will be auto created based upon distinct data

Any other ideas?


I am using a Chrome extension which lets me multi select a series of links and open as many tabs. This is done by selecting an area on the web page via right click. If you select multiple “Del” links then this will address your need.

enter image description here

It’s called “Linkclump” and you can find it here:

It will only work if most of the values are on the same page but is still a time saver.

Hope this helps. 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Robin Wijnen , Answer Author : fcathala

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