Mavens Mate Metadata container

I have recently began using MavensMate and I’m running into a problem where every time I save I have to refresh the metadata container. I have read through the documentation, but haven’t been able to locate a solution in the documentation. The error I get is

Result: [OPERATION FAILED]: Resource  Not Found. Response content: [{u'errorCode': u'NOT_FOUND', u'message': u'Provided external ID field does not exist or is not accessible: <unknown>'}]

Again my only solution I have found so far was to refresh the metadata container after every time I save. Is there something I need to set inside the of the settings?


Fixed by setting mm_compile_with_tooling_api = false;

There is currently an open issue for this in the MavensMate Github : Error saving files to sandbox with Summer’14

Source : Link , Question Author : EricSSH , Answer Author : EricSSH

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