Mavensmate: Getting error client identifier invalid while authentication to salesforce

I use Mavensmate, Since morning it is throwing me an error “client identifier invalid” while refreshing or saving any component (Apex Class, Trigger or any) to Salesforce from Sublime.

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When I try to Authenticate from Mavensmate, I input username and environment type and click on connect button It throws below error:

enter image description here

Is there anyone who received the same error, and how to resolve it?


To those hacking MavensMate’s source code to keep it alive: I strongly recommend you migrate to official Salesforce tooling, namely the VS Code extensions for Salesforce.

MavensMate’s codebase has not been updated nor has it been audited for security since development ceased in 2017. Since that time, several of its dependencies have received critical security updates including the open source HTTP client MavensMate uses to transport your code to Salesforce servers – this means the version of MavensMate running on your machine has not received these security updates.

Further, earlier this month, one of MavensMate’s contributors found a critical security vulnerability in one of’s dependencies that leaves a user’s Salesforce credentials vulnerable to attack. Given the project was sunset in 2017 it was deemed safest to disable the Salesforce Connected App MavensMate used to issue OAuth tokens as well as deliver a final end of life OTA update.

So, once again, please do yourselves a favor and transition to official tooling that is receiving regular updates. This is in your best interest!


Source : Link , Question Author : RKM , Answer Author : Joe Ferraro

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