Maximum CPU time limit is inconsistent between orgs

I work on 3 different orgs. Today while going through a log, I noticed that one org has Maximum CPU time limit of 42000 milliseconds in all synchronous calls. As per governor limits the limits are 10,000 ms and 60,000 ms for synchronous and asynchronous calls respectively. I’m wondering where this 42,000 ms came from. The other two orgs have 10,000 ms limit.

Org 1 (NA13):

enter image description here

Org 2 (NA33):

enter image description here

Org 3 (NA48):

enter image description here

All the other limits are same between all the orgs. Has any one seen this before? I couldn’t understand the logic behind this.


When salesforce rolled out CPU limits in the org which already had lot of code ,to avoid breaking of code in existing orgs,they analyzed each org and figured the maximum CPU time taken by code .Seems like your original org that was there before CPU limits was rolled and hence you are seeing increased limit as that would have a class which needed CPU limit of 4X .

You should figure the class which is taking 4X limit in that org and try and reduce the same .

Source : Link , Question Author : Avinash , Answer Author : Mohith Shrivastava

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