Migrating Business Units in Exacttarget

Just wondering if there is a way to copy across a business unit and all its elements (data, portfolio etc) to another business unit.

I have heard of Reactor by DEG which is an automated tool that from the sounds of it can achieve this.

However wondering if there is a built in tool or a method that others have used to accomplish this.


If you want to automate a migration of objects and data between accounts, you’ll need to build something that utilizes ExactTarget’s SOAP API and a staging database or file server. That’s what DEG’s Reactor does.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Objects need to be migrated with their dependencies (e.g. email definitions are dependent on portfolio objects, etc.)
  2. There are some object you cannot retrieve or create using the API (e.g. Programs and Automations, Exports, Landing Pages, etc.)
  3. There are key API differences between account types (E1.0 & E2.0) that will need to be accommodated
  4. You’ll need to get creative if you’re moving large amounts of data. It can be done.

Disclosure: I work at DEG.

Source : Link , Question Author : Che Taylor , Answer Author : Adam Spriggs

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